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Following the British Government’s lead; Hoist UK Limited hope to stimulate growth and employment in the UK economy by the launching of their sister company Truss UK Limited.

Truss UK will promote British engineering at its best with innovative product development for the entertainment industry offering “quality at every stage”.

One of the many innovative products in the forthcoming Truss UK catalogue that will be showcased at the ABTT trade show in London during June will be the TT range of trussing systems.

“The TT product is one of the most versatile trussing systems you would ever buy, therefore probably the only trussing system you will ever have to buy; offering the strength of medium duty truss in a compact configuration”, says Hoist UK’s Tony Dickson.

“The TT range of truss is unique in the fact that it can be used

any way round in almost any configuration, with the new products designed in accordance with the very latest European code for aluminium structures, namely BS EN 1999-1-1” adds Hoist UK’s Paul Jordan

The TT truss has been designed and certified for use as a tower or as a beam truss with the end connection designed so the truss can articulate to allow the creation of horizontal and vertical shapes with the spigots vertical or horizontal without a reduction in overall strength of the components enabling the creation of intricate shapes or arches and circles using straight and standard lengths of truss.

Exclusively, the TT range offers the universal load corner (ULC-TT), which is a structurally rated and certified six (6) way corner complete with a suspension and load point for up to 2,500kgs. The compact design enables the unit to be individually flown from a chain hoist, winch or other piece of stage machinery or used on the top of a TT ground support tower.