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TT Box Truss (TT-B)

Tower Truss for use as a horizontal beam truss

The TT series is a Medium Duty Compact Tower Truss, designed for use as a horizontal beam truss with fully hinged spigots that can be used in either orientation, horizontal or vertical without affecting the loading characteristics.

The TT Truss is designed for use as a tower, and so is a single section of genuine multi-purpose truss making it ideal for rental and production companies.

The TT Truss end connection is designed to allow the truss to articulate. This allows the creation of faceted shapes by using the spigots vertically or horizontally whilst maintaining the overall strength of the components.


TT-B0.25m0.25TT Truss (complete with 4 x taper pins & R clips)3.0
TT-B0.5m0.5TT Truss (complete with 4 x taper pins & R clips)4.4
TT-B1.0m1.0TT Truss (complete with 4 x taper pins & R clips)7.0
TT-B1.5m1.5TT Truss (complete with 4 x taper pins & R clips)10.0
TT-B2.0m2.0TT Truss (complete with 4 x taper pins & R clips)12.4
TT-B2.5m2.5TT Truss (complete with 4 x taper pins & R clips)15.1
TT-B3.0m3.0TT Truss (complete with 4 x taper pins & R clips)18.0
TT-B3.5m3.5TT Truss (complete with 4 x taper pins & R clips)20.6
TT-B4.0m4.0TT Truss (complete with 4 x taper pins & R clips)23.2
TT-B2C2 way corner TT Truss8.0
TT-B3C3 way corner TT Truss - (T Piece)10.5
TT-B3TC3 way corner - (Table Top)10.8
TT-B4C4 way corner TT Truss12.3
TT-PUPTT Pickup Point3.8
TT-TSBTrade Show Base - 1m square with spigots18.0
TT-BBPBasic Base Plate - 0.6m square with spigots10.0
TT-TMPTop Mount Plate - 0.3m square with spigots4.0


Braces - 19 x 3mm

Main Chord - 48 x 4.5mm

Connection Type - Spigot

Material - Aluminium 6082 - T6

Supplied in a natural aluminium finish as standard

Powder coating to a specific RAL colour is available at additional cost


  • Universal Load Corner (ULC)
  • Adaptor’s for simple corners
  • Curved Sections
  • Custom Lengths
  • Circles


Uniformly Distributed LoadkN/m13.008.676.655.253.652.682.051.601.300.870.730.620.460.400.35
Total UDLkN26.0026.0025.6022.8020.8518.5016.2514.2011.909.608.257.256.466.035.66
Single Point Load (mid point)kN26.0019.0015.8013.1310.949.388.
Two Point Loads (third points)Each kN13.0013.0012.319.858.
Three Point Loads (quarter points)Each kN8.678.678.216.565.474.694.103.603.052.392.101.801.621.511.41
Notes 1. Above allowable loads may be increased by 1.11 for Wind Loading Only.
2. This table is provided as a guide only and assume all loads are applied at nodes. All scaffolds and structures should be checked by a qualified structural engineer.
3. Maximum capacity of a point load mid way between nodes is 6kN.
4. For design purposes assume: allowable bending moment = 13.0 kNm, allowable shear = 13.0 kN.

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